L’age d’or du Fetishisme

This book chronicles the classic erotic photography of “Yva Richard“, a famous purveyor of high-end lingerie and other sexy clothing items in Paris throughout the first few decades of the 20th Century. Contrary to what many people on the web seem to believe, “Yva Richard” is neither the name of the company’s owner nor is it the name of the model who graces most of this book’s photographs. The company was actually a partnership between two people – L. Richard (the “L.” is not explained in the book, but I’ve seen various sources online give it as “Louis”) and his wife Nativa, the aforementioned model.

With that being noted, these are some of the classiest, sexiest photographs in the erotic-photography genre I’ve ever seen. As befit the nature of the company, the emphasis here is on the clothing – long gloves, corsets, silk stockings, high-heeled shoes and boots, etc. – that it made and sold. (Think of “Yva Richard” as being a 1920’s and 1930’s analogue to Frederick’s of Hollywood). Nativa Richard was a real beauty – a curly-headed mature blonde woman, with a soft, plush, plumply voluptuous figure, shapely legs and a classically pretty face – who far outdoes any number of modern-day nude models in her sex appeal. One could definitely see, say, Dita Von Teese as a Yva Richard model; the vintage allure of these outfits is right up her alley. The photographs are all in black-and-white; the sharpness and quality are top-notch and many of them are full-page. For people who don’t speak French, there’s an English translation of the text (not that there’s an excessive amount of verbiage to get in the way of the pictures) at the back at the book.

People who appreciate high-quality erotic photography, vintage erotic photography, classy vintage lingerie, and Rubenesque beauties should definitely get this book!
Written by Alexandre Dupouy